How to identify antique porcelain

How to identify antique porcelain When it comes to porcelain collection, it has something to do with antique porcelain. There have been many climaxes of imitation porcelain in history. Recognizing imitation porcelain requires certain knowledge and unique “eyesight”. If you can start with the following aspects, you can distinguish antique porcelain from modern porcelain. One is to pay attention… Read More »

The new antique porcelain process is open! Can you not watch the collectors? Porcelain Appraisal Jinjitang

from: Porcelain Appraisal Zhenzhitang2018-09-06 10:31:23 Porcelain Appraisal Zhenzhitang: Longquan kilns were fired from the Tang Dynasty to the Xuanhe period in the late Northern Song Dynasty. After the Southern Song Dynasty, due to the move of the imperial court to the south, overseas trade was vigorously expanded in exchange for wealth. Longquan kiln, a remote kiln mouth, rose rapidly because… Read More »

Appreciation of Ming and Qing Antique Porcelain

When it comes to “antique”, many people will equate it with fraud and deceit. In fact, in our ancient Chinese ceramics, there are many works from later dynasties imitating the previous dynasties, which are professionally called “antique porcelain”. “Antique porcelain” must only flourish in the peaceful and heyday, when the economy and culture are developed, especially when the collection… Read More »